Frequently Asked Questions

Finding a property:

How does it work?
Property.Works is an online marketplace for commercial property, where small and mid-sized business can find commercial properties and connect with lettings agents. The platform lists thousands of retail, industrial and office spaces, and provides lettings agents with qualified leads and analytics as they face an increasingly digital world.

Search through the listings on Property.Works to find the properties that meet your requirements. Once you do, select the “Contact Agent” or “Arrange Viewing” buttons on the property pages and we’ll make sure the lettings agent contacts you within one business day.

Please make sure to complete all fields in the enquiry form with as much detail as possible. Agents often don't prioritise enquiries that lack detail or or include "filler" information. By habit, agents judge the seriousness of a potential occupier by your willingness to provide this detail.
How can I contact Property Works?
You can email us through for any questions you may have. You can also reach us via chat on the website which is available for you from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.
What if I cannot find the property details I am looking for?
If there is property information that you cannot find on the property detail page, select the "Contact Agent" button on the property detail page and include your query in the "Your Message" box on the contact form. The lettings agent will contact you within one business day. If you experience any other problems looking for a property, please contact us and our support team will make sure your questions are answered.
What is included in a serviced office?
A serviced office is a ready-to-move-in space which comes with furniture, fittings, and telecommunications built in. It is fully equipped and managed by a facility management company which then rents individual offices or floors in the building to tenants. These type of offices are usually include a common reception area along with receptionists and phone answering service. Serviced offices let you start work as soon as you move in making it easier to concentrate on your business.
What are the costs of using Property Works?
Property.Works is free for tenants to search for properties and contact agents. Agents and landlords who wish to list properties on the site pay for these services. If you are an agency or landlord and would like to list properties on Property.Works you can learn more here.
I can’t find the property - what now?
You can search by city or town, postcode or landmark (a specific rail station, for example) and Property.Works will return the properties in proximity to your search. If you cannot find a property to meet your specification you can adjust the map by dragging it with your cursor or using the + and - buttons to zoom in and out.
I do not have time to find a property - can you help?
You can send your property requirements to us by completing this form. We will share your requirements with agents in that area who may contact you with suggestions or to arrange viewings.
How to book a viewing?/ How are viewings arranged?
Please use the “Contact agent” or “Arrange a Viewing” buttons on the property detail page and an agent will contact you to schedule time to visit the property.
What if the agent didn’t get in touch with me?
Please allow one business day for an agent to respond to your enquiry. If you do not hear from them within this time please email and we will remind the agent to contact you.
I am a property owner. Can I post my properties?
If you are a landlord and wish to list properties on the site, please email us via this form and a member of our sales team will get in touch with you.


What services do Property Works offer to commercial agents and landlords?
Property.Works is an online marketplace for commercial property, where small and mid-sized business can find commercial properties and connect with lettings agents. The platform lists thousands of retail, industrial and office spaces, and provides lettings agents with qualified leads and analytics as they face an increasingly digital world. We do this with the least amount of work for agents and landlords.
How can I sign up with Property Works?
If you're an agent or landlord and would like to list properties on the site or have any questions you can click on the "I'm an agent" button in the “Find an agent” section of our website, submit your questions and we will contact you shortly.
Do I need to upload my properties?
No, We do the hard work for you so you can focus on your clients. We handle all uploads and updates. We automatically get content from your website or asset management system and keep it up to date.
Can I log in and make changes myself?
If you have a question about one of the properties you have listed on the site you can contact your account representative who can help you with changes to your listings.
What is the pricing structure?
We offer several different pricing plans to accommodate agents with different needs. To learn more about plans please contact our sales team and we will provide further details.
Do I need to sign a contract?
You are not required to sign a contract to list properties on the site. In some cases, you may be able to improve the value of a listings package by agreeing to a longer-term deal but it is not a requirement.
What happens if one of my properties goes under offer/let?
Once your properties are listed on the site, we will update them on a regular basis (based on your product plan) and will make sure properties no longer available are removed from the search engine.
How do you send the customer enquiry details and what details will be shared?
Occupier enquiries are emailed to the account you specify to us and they include information about the individual making the enquiry as well as the company they represent.
How will occupiers find my properties?
The Property.Works site offers occupiers granular searching tools and filters to choose property types and amenities. These tools ensure occupiers find the properties that meet their requirements. The more specific information you provide about the properties you list, the better chance of the right occupier finding it.
Do occupiers have to log in to see my properties?
Occupiers can view your properties without having to log in but if they want to make an enquiry they will have to create an account. Tenants only have to do this once and they will be able to enquire on as many properties as they believe meets their requirement.
What are the cities covered by Property Works?
We presently offer properties across the whole of the United Kingdom.


Prices are listed on Property.Works using the following abbreviations:

  • PA - This abbreviation is used when a property is quoting rent as a single amount per year ("Per Annum")
  • PCM - This abbreviation for "Per Calendar Month" informs occupiers the rent is quoted as a flat fee per month.
  • Per Day - Sometimes prices for conference rooms, serviced offices and other spaces are quoted by the single day.
  • Per Hour - The quoted price to rent a space for one or more 60 minute periods.
  • PPM - Some serviced offices and co-working spaces quote price "Per Person Per Month" often based upon the number of desks required.
  • POA - An abbreviation for "Price on Application" which indicates that price is not quoted publicly and will be revealed to qualified occupiers.
  • Per ft2 - Price per square foot per year. Multiply this number by the size in ft2 of a property and that is the annualised asking rent.
  • SOA - Size on Application means we don't have exact measurements of the property size. So, in order to find out the property size you need to make a contact with the agency by clicking on 'Contact Agent' on the right side of the property details page. Our agents will contact you within 24 hours.