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The Westminster area runs along the Thames’ north bank in Westminster City and is centered on the similarly named Abbey and Palace of Westminster. Although once home to both high class London shopping on Victoria Street and the Devil’s Acre slum, this wedge of the lively West End is a rising star of central City investment properties for sale.

Westminster is very much the political core of England. While the Abbey has long served as the venue for royals’ coronations, the Palace has been the site of British governance since 1200. Although the current incarnation of this World Heritage site was built in the 19th century, it contains the medieval Old Palace and is used as the Houses of Parliament. At the same time, the region’s cobblestone lanes are home to a high concentration of attractions, including the National Gallery, Royal Academy, Tate Britain, Buckingham Palace, and Westminster Cathedral.

There are also restaurants, theatres, and shops like Selfridges and flagship chain stores along Victoria Street, not to mention residential and commercial property for sale in Westminster. The 2-billion-pound regeneration of Victoria and central London includes the conversion of the area’s grim postwar office buildings into houses to let. With a growing number of innovative, mixed use properties with benefits like cafés and gyms, Westminster is an area on the rise.