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Tower Hill sits in the East End, northwest of some of London’s most iconic landmarks - the 900-year-old Tower of London and 19th century Tower Bridge. This area was first settled in the Bronze Age, but it later became a bustling port area. After the industry declined, tourism revived the area, while a recent wave of luxury developments has yet again brought new life.

The area around the Tower of London includes Butler’s Wharf and its reasonably-priced restaurants and shops to let. Tower Hill also has numerous tourist attractions, including the All Hallows Church and Tower Hill Memorial marking the site of countless public executions. Despite its grizzly past, the area’s central location and striking setting have made it an increasingly popular site for residential and commercial property to rent.

Its latest regeneration has included many mixed-use complexes by world-renowned architects. For instance, Ten Trinity Square situates a Four Seasons hotel and 40 luxury residences in the former Port of London Authority Headquarters. Others include the office and retail space to let of the News Building, mixed use development of One Tower Bridge Road, and the renovated vinegar factory that is Gate House apartments at 169 Tower Bridge road. With easy access to the entire City, the Tower Hill area is just heating up as a hotspot for investment property for sale.