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The Anglican cathedral of St. Paul’s rests atop the highest of London’s three ancient hills. With its iconic dome framed by some of the world’s highest spires, the Baroque St. Paul’s is the site of prominent funerals, jubilee celebrations, and royal weddings. The surrounding area includes Ludgate Hill and Paternoster, both part of the rebuilding programme after the Great Fire.

This central London district is full of investment properties for sale, cafes, restaurants, and a range of retail outlets. In particular, Ludgate Hill turns into Fleet Street, a popular area for financial and legal offices to rent. Paternoster Square meanwhile traces its history to the old center of London publishing on Paternoster Row, though it would become the home of the London Stock Exchange and investment banks after World War II. Today, brick and stone shops and office blocks for sale line the central piazza of Paternoster Square, though you can easily visit the Museum of London, Millennium Bridge, and City Centre from this central area.

Several developments have attempted to take advantage of this area’s central location and Thameslink Station in Ludgate Hill. Queensbridge House replaces offices southeast of the cathedral with luxury apartments and riverside property to let, and the One New Change building will layer shopping and commercial property for rent. St. Paul’s is no longer just a tourist destination but a bustling center for a variety of commercial, residential, and retail properties.