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This inner city district of the Borough of Hackney is located in the East End North of London. This area is centered on the crossroads of Shoreditch High and Kingsland Road with Old Street and Hackney Roads. Over time, Shoreditch has seen Elizabethan theaters, silk weavers, furniture makers, Bangladeshi and Pakistani communities, and crime and poverty after the Blitz. Through a fusion of arts, technology, and new developments, it is poised to transform yet again.

In the 1990s, the working class communities that thrived here for decades gave way to creative professionals. They transformed Shoreditch warehouses into fashionable lofts, offices, and nightclubs, only for the dot-com boom to bring technology companies into Old Street. It has since become emblematic of ‘hipsterification,’ with rising costs for property in Shoreditch alongside attractions like the Spitalfields market, Brick Lane market, and bars and indie shops.

Several developments continue to transform the area. South Shoreditch has seen the construction of tall residential buildings to expand the housing market and renting in Shoreditch. Meanwhile, The Stage’s Shakespearean development includes over 400,000 square feet of mixed use living, retail, and leisure, including 275,000 square feet of office space in Shoreditch. Other, recent examples include Waugh Thistleton’s innovative timber-framed replacement for the Development House complex that would offer 8,000 square metres of office block for sale. With such developments, renting in Shoreditch is an exciting choice no matter your property needs.