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Old Street connects Central and East London, running from Clerkenwell in Islington to Shoreditch in Hackney. However, the region dubbed “Old Street” refers to the City’s Silicon Roundabout, where tech companies have laid their roots. Thanks to investment spurred by these companies, this area has become a lively place for residential and commercial property for rent.

While Old Street has ancient Roman origins, the Roundabout’s boutique restaurants and shops to let arose on top of busy Old Street Station as it attracted tech companies to its commercial offices for rent. When it comes to considering investment property for sale, the area has a lot to offer, with green spaces like Shoreditch Park, fantastic dining options like the international Whitecross Street market, and gastropubs and cafés. Its shops remain vintage and bespoke, while graffiti artists still regularly practice their art here.

Recent developments are drawing on the energy of the Silicon Roundabout for mixed-use projects like The Bower on Old Street, which is creating 320,000 square feet of residential, retail, and commercial office space for rent. The Roundabout is even being overhauled with safer design, including separate lanes for bicycles and more pedestrianized spaces. This is no longer an area to watch – Old Street is now an area in which to invest as it nurtures London’s future.