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Both Moorgate Station and Moorgate Street take their names from a postern turned gate in ancient London’s wall. While the former provides service for the London Underground, the latter runs from the Bank of England outwards, eventually becoming City Road. Both are associated with the larger Moorgate area, which is a financial district that caters to the banking industries.

Many finance companies have invested in commercial property for sale here, including ABC International PLC. Some of the more prominent landmarks include the oval-shaped Finsbury Circus, The Guildhall home of the City of London Corporation, and campuses for universities like the London Metropolitan University on Moorgate. There is even a small side street called Moorgate Place or Chartered Accountant’s Hall that is home to the Institute of Chartered Accounts. Among such historical structures, new developments like Moor House are expanding commercial space, providing in this case 28,000 square metres and 19 storeys of offices to let.

Redevelopment has brought several tall buildings to the Moorgate area, including Milton Court’s 43-storey residential project and Ropemaker Place’s 90-metre tower of office space in town. Refurbished halls are still popular in this area, including Moorgate Hall Historic and contemporary office buildings. At the same time, projects like 101 Moorgate’s Crossrail Oversite Development will establish 8,200 square metres of Moorgate bars, offices, and retail units to let. This neighborhood is thus fast becoming a central commercial hub for much of London.