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This residential and retail district sits south of Hyde Park and Knightsbridge Street in West London, taking its name from the road along the park’s lower border. Knightsbridge was once an impoverished area where highwaymen robbed travelers on the western road. As it flourished in the 19th century, this district transformed into one of the poshest areas of the City.

Knightsbridge is mainly known as an international retail centre to rival the West End, with expensive, high-end shopping and retail units to let, including department stores like Harrod’s and fashion houses like Manolo Blahnick. At the same time, this area generally caters to wealthy residents, with banks designed for customers with massive bank accounts, extremely exclusive salons and spas, and uber-chic bars and clubs. As one of London’s most historic districts, Knightsbridge also has traditional pubs hidden on side streets. However, the main attractions are its world-class retail, gourmet restaurants, and luxurious commercial property for rent.

With many of Britain’s most expensive streets, developing investment properties for sale in Knightsbridge is no easy feat. Not only are many sites protected, but many more are owned by large estates. In short, high land values and small plots make redevelopment rare, much as 199 Knightsbridge and One Hyde Park replaced postwar office blocks for rent. This translates to some of the world’s most expensive and luxurious properties – but only a rare chance of investing in offices to let in Knightsbridge.