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This inner city area was once the village of Battle Bridge, but was renamed for a monument to King George atop an unpopular building that was demolished in 1845. With the railway’s arrival in 1852, King’s Cross was again renamed and became a busy industrial district until the end of World War II saw its partial abandonment. By the 1980s, it had gained a criminal reputation.

With a central location and low rents, King’s Cross soon became a creative hotspot. While the 1980s brought creative co-ops and projects, the 1990s saw the rise of the King’s Cross Partnership to regenerate local business and commercial property for rent. Cultural institutions like the London Canal Museum and British Library moved in, but it was the arrival of Eurostar’s St Pancras International rail terminus in 2007 that signaled the community’s regeneration.

King’s Cross remains a burgeoning artist enclave, with theatres, clubs, bars, and restaurants. Shops at King’s Cross abound, with boutique retailers at St Pancras International, colorful shops down Caledonian Road, and cozy cafes and galleries down Woburn Walk. This is also the site of Europe’s largest city centre redevelopment project, which will regenerate the area’s eponymous train station around 25 acres of open space by 2020, with 2.4 million square feet of office space in town. Such innovative mixed-use projects and relatively affordable London rents currently make meeting rooms in King’s Cross and King’s Cross properties attractive investments.