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This central London district started as a tradesmen’s community before transforming into a bohemian enclave and then shifting to fashion and photography. By the 1990s, both television production and advertising companies had established a strong presence here. Over time, though, it would diversify, with healthcare, education, business, retail, and residential properties.

Nestled as it is between wealthy Marylebone, edgy Soho, and luxurious Bloomsbury, this historically bohemian district is a peaceful haven of Victorian brick buildings and cosy side alleys. The Fitzrovia Partnership has cultivated local businesses, shops to let, restaurants, and cafes, such that, by 2016, it had become one of the best places to live in London. Fitzrovia’s most striking features include the high street shops on Tottenham Court Road, 19th century Fitzroy Square, and London’s two oldest residential walkways. Art galleries, small media offices, pubs, and restaurants circle BT Tower, one of the City's tallest buildings, with office blocks for sale that have less traffic and noise pollution than wealthier districts located nearby.

Upmarket developments have led to a veritable renaissance of investment property for sale in Fitzrovia and resultant rising property values. The replacement of Middlesex Hospital with the luxurious Fitzroy Place, with residential and commercial property to let, specifically caught speculators’ attention, especially when combined with the coming Crossrail in 2018. From regenerated Tottenham Court Road to the lavish apartments of Hanway Gardens, Fitzrovia’s commercial property for sale is on the rise.