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Before the 1960s, the area of Canary Warf in East London was one of the world’s busiest docks. However, as the shipping industry declined, the British government pushed for redevelopment of these unused lands into a new financial centre. After its success during the 1990s, Canary Wharf has since become a buzzing community with a great deal of investment property for sale.

This area contains some of the tallest buildings in the City, including 153-metre-tall 40 Bank Street in Canary Warf and the UK’s second tallest, One Canada Square. In addition, Canary Wharf contains more than 16,000,000 square feet of commercial space to let, with more developments in the works. Several major banks and businesses have their UK headquarters here, and it is on the whole a major district for work and leisure, including bars, restaurants, and upmarket shops in Canary Wharf shopping centres.

This area’s property is in high demand, and developments like the Pan Peninsula Canary Wharf of residential units for rent and Crossrail Place shopping and dining complex are on the rise. Future developments include the Ten Bank Street and Park Place office developments, North Quay mixed use project, and the massive, mixed use New District with nearly 2 million square feet of commercial property for rent. The Canary Wharf area has a bright future ahead of it that may be ideal for a variety of businesses.