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This historical district within the Borough of Camden sits between central London and the West End, with a range of upmarket homes, parks, and commercial properties to let. While originally developed as a fashionable residential area in the 17th and 18th centuries, Bloomsbury is home to a range of academic, cultural, and commercial establishments.

Although the Bloomsbury Group of artists made this district famous at the turn of the century, it has long been known for its historical architecture and gardens. Bloomsbury Square itself is London’s oldest, with scenic 18th and 19th century buildings and terraces in this verdant greenspace. Tourism-heavy Southampton Row/Woburn Place bisects Bloomsbury into residential areas to the north and healthcare institutions and retail properties to let to the south. The district’s western area includes many academic and cultural establishments, from the British Library to many of the University of London’s central colleges and departments. Bloomsbury teems with students, so cheap restaurants and books are easily available, including the supposed book capital of London around Marchmont and The Brunswick Centre.

Bloomsbury’s architecture can limit new developments, but commercial properties for rent like The Brunswick seize the opportunity presented by derelict estates. This mixed-use property incorporates historic squares, housing, shops, and offices to let, even as InHolborn Business Improvement District has expanded into Bloomsbury to cultivate investment property for sale. This district continues to offer historical, up-scale accommodations for various property needs.