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Aldgate is situated at the former location of the old, eastern-most gateway through London Wall. This ward of the City of London is centered around the large roundabout to the east and stretches into Whitechapel, with London Wall and Tower ward at its borders. Today, Aldgate is an increasingly popular area with an exciting new quarter of commercial property to rent.

The ward is dominated by contemporary architecture and high glass office blocks to let. Prominent landmarks include the Cass School, historic Aldgate Pump, and the 18th century St. Botolph’s Church, which is home to the UK’s oldest church organ. With growing gentrification, chic cafés, bars, and restaurants are cropping up around skyscrapers like Lloyd’s Register Building, the London Metal Exchange, and the Willis Building. New developments are heralding the arrival of bright, high-rise apartments and other investment properties for sale.

For instance, Aldgate Place includes 463 new homes, while Aldgate Tower provides 17 levels of innovative workspaces, communal meeting rooms, and offices to rent. Meanwhile, traffic layout changes are adding new pedestrian crossings, easier bus navigation, and two public, green spaces oriented around the Cass School and St. Botolph’s. Aldgate ward may have once been home for the brokers and underwriters of the insurance industry, but it is fast becoming a hotspot for residential and commercial property for sale.