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Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city with over 2 million people in the greater metropolitan area. While the area’s waterways attracted human settlements for millennia, the Christian missionary Saint Mungo founded the city in the 6th century. From the 16th through 19th centuries, Glasgow became a leading international trade and industrial centre as the “Second City of the Empire.”

After experiencing decline during the Great Depression, a new service economy arose, though poorly designed tenement slums caused unrest. From the 1980s forward, Glasgow redeveloped as a cultural and commercial hub, with the West End as a national financial centre. It was soon awarded the titles of City of Culture, Architecture, Design, Sport, and Music and has become one of the most visited cities in the UK, with a great deal of investment property for sale.

You’ll find shopping and entertainment in City Centre, with plenty of commercial Glasgow property to rent. Meanwhile, bohemian cafes and bars add to the value of property for sale in Glasgow’s West End, with the Golden Z of pedestrian streets and Buchanan street hosting some of the UK and world’s best retail space to let. As part of the city’s larger regeneration strategy, Broomielaw has been transformed from a derelict dockside into an international financial services district, and Pacific Quay has become a digital media quarter with improved roads, bicycle ways, and pedestrian paths. Investing in commercial property in Glasgow means getting in on the ground floor of projects like these and on this vibrant city’s continued rejuvenation.