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This major West Midlands borough was once a medium-sized medieval town but has since become the largest British city beyond London. Its central role in the Industrial Revolution created a resilient, manufacturing economy that redeveloped after attacks during World War II. Today, Birmingham is re-emerging as a major international center for commerce, entertainment, and the service sector.

Most obviously, this city is a major motorway, rail, and canal transportation hub, including the busiest railway station outside of London, New Street. However, this city is also known for its hard-working populace with the highest levels of entrepreneurial activity outside of London. Culturally, you can rent in Birmingham city centre for access to nightlife centered on rowdy Broad Street, while Brindleyplace and the small Chinatown Arcade offer classier bars and clubs. Up-market restaurants can be found in St. Paul’s Square and The Jewelry Quarter, while Indian cuisine is centered on the “Balti Triangle” in Sparkbrook. You will also find a thriving independent food sector, with microbreweries, farmers markets, and the annual Independent Food Fair. Birmingham is a center for music, too, with the City Symphony Orchestra, Royal Ballet, National Indoor Arena, and a history of heavy metal and jazz music.

Birmingham’s Big City Plan is designed to transform it into an innovative, green city through six Economic Zones. This includes tax relief and simplified planning for investment properties for sale like the current Curzon Street Station project, which will create several new neighborhoods with property for sale Birmingham over 141 hectares. Already, Smithfield and the Southern Gateway have established new residential and retail quarters with offices to rent. Birmingham’s future is wide open, and this plan for creating new residential and commercial property to let will ensure that the best businesses call this vibrant city home.